Temporarily Disconnected

I was driving home the other night
It was late but I wasn’t tired — bored
There was nothing on the radio

As I turned off the main highway, my car stalled
It’s a Volvo with 300,000 miles on it
These things happen

My phone rang. The voice said,
“Please, don’t hang up. We know who you are.
You’ve been down this road before and you know how it ends”

The car started back up
But I took a different way home
Over the river
And through the woods

And when I got home
The house was different than before
Those irises you planted were blooming
There were deer in the yard and
Is that the dog???

And I kissed you like we’d never kissed before
You said “wow”
And we went inside and sat down

© 2017 Inglewood Social Club. Words by Landry Butler. Used by permission. All rights reserved.



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