Two Met a Four and They Had Six

BFFs robert bruce scott and Landry Butler presented their collective collaboration, Two Met a Four and They Had Six, at Blend Studio as part of Nashville’s Downtown Art Crawl on August 5, 2017. This collection of collage and found art was created over several years while watching zombie movies, drinking rum, painting on the floor and in the back yard. Butler and scott have a mutual love of Dada, the early 20th century avant-garde movement, which rejected the logic and aesthetics of modern capitalist society.

The work is spontaneous and dynamic, with layers of abstraction. Each piece is a section of the universe where ideas pop in and out of existence. They are advertisements for the idea that one can step away from the fire hose of life, toward imagination and creativity. One can escape society’s feedback loop and into a space of one’s own. It’s fleeting and not easy to do, but the only cost is time and it’s worth every minute.

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