Fire Walk

Fire walking has been used by many cultures for thousands of years as a way of honoring the classical element of fire, proving ones faith or overcoming mental obstacles.

This series of mysterious and beautiful photographs represents a version of the traditional fire walk. Candle flames, reproduced larger than life and overlaid with words of positive intent invite the viewer to face ones challenges and move through them toward ones dreams.

We live in a time of uncertainty and fear. We are afraid that our world may collapse at any minute. Religious and political extremists, manmade and natural disasters conspire to terrorize us on a regular basis. We are constantly on pins and needles. We have no security, no privacy and no way out. We are doomed.

That we are on the edge of apocalypse is the myth of our existence. We accept this myth as true, but what if it is not? What if the truth is actually that fear and uncertainty are the fire through which we must walk in order to become our better selves? If that were case, how would it change the way we handle these challenges? How would it change the way we live?

NOTE: These photos are printed directly onto metal or rather, infused into it. The presentation is beautiful and the colors are fabulous! Each item comes with a floating mount and is ready to hang. They are made to order. Please allow for additional shipping time.

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