I was on the Internet the other day
And I fell down a deep, dark hole
With all sorts of things that I had no idea existed
Mens and womens and people of all types
Doing all sorts of things in front of cameras
And broadcasting it to the whole effing world
For free
F R E E!
How in the hell does that happen?

To be fair, the models, actor people or whatever they call themselves
Did get paid in some sort of coinage
Means of value exchange
Maybe some even made a living from it
But just the fact that there were so many channels dedicated to this glorious display of exhibitionism
And it’s a boon for the voyeurs too because they have something to watch

The Internet is everywhere
It’s everywhere you want to be
And everywhere you don’t
You gotta love that Internet
Can I get a “what what” for Al Gore up in here?
What what!

Oh it’s the Internet
The world wide mothafuckin’ web
It’s made of people and it’s coming to get your brain
Coming to get your brain
Coming to get your brain
Sweet baby brains are the best of all
That’s why they want them

© 2019 Inglewood Social Club. Words by Landry Butler. Used by permission. All rights reserved.






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