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I Got My Letter Today

I got my letter todayMy health insurance is going awayLucky I’m so health-ayMy health insurance is going away I’m a hard-workin’ mother, I pull my weightI do my job and I’m never lateSave some money for a rainy day(rhymes with “day”) No time to worry, I’ve got things to doDoctors to see and dentists tooStill…
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The View is Incredible from Here

I’d sell my soul to the DevilBut that loser can’t afford itI’m easy but I’m not cheapFor anyone but you I’d give my life for the massesBut they ain’t worth the effortI love them but I gotta draw the line And when I look into your eyesI see my dreams – I see my visionsWhen…
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Staring Into Your Light

They said it would make me blindStaring into your lightMaybe they were rightI only have eyes for you They said it would make me crazyOrbiting with delightBaby they were rightI’ve lost my mind for you They’d never believe meBut I sense you are a mirrorAnd if that’s trueThen tell me, what am I? © 2017…
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Temporarily Disconnected

I was driving home the other nightIt was late but I wasn’t tired — boredThere was nothing on the radio As I turned off the main highway, my car stalledIt’s a Volvo with 300,000 miles on itThese things happen My phone rang. The voice said,“Please, don’t hang up. We know who you are.You’ve been down…
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An Ode to Wesley Willis

Wesley Willis was an artistWesley Willis wrote songsWesley Willis wrote songs about peopleThese songs about people had music to themWesley Willis performed these songs in publicHe sang and people liked it Rock over London, rock on Chicago Wesley Willis!Motherfuckers!!!Wesley Willis, Wesley Willis, Wesley WillisWes I whooped Batman’s ass! Wesley Willis performed these songs in publicHe…
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Here is Sisyphus, pushing his rock up the hill, only to have it roll back down. He repeats the process for all eternity; but with time, he transcends this punishment by embracing the absurdity of his life. He refuses to be defeated.

Watch the Fire

I like to watch the fireI like to watch the fireI like to watch it burnI like to watch it burnI like to watch it burnI like to watch itBurn I like to watch the fireI like to watch the fireI like to watch it burnI like to watch it burnI like to watch it…
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The New Negroes

American Racism is a feature, not a bug. The system is working as designed. But Negroes built the United States. We did the heavy lifting that made this county successful and prosperous. We will continue to push for equality until all are free.

#blacklivesmatter #metoo #lgbtq+livesmatter

The Waiting Game

If you believe in reincarnation, why wait till you’re dead? Inhabit the body of an animal now, a jack rabbit or a moose perhaps If you believe in heaven, why wait until you’re dead?Enter Valhalla by taking 1-10 North until you run out of road. If you believe that Earth is a spaceship, why sit…
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Why Pop Needs its Eccentric Characters

This article was originally published at Aeon and has been republished under Creative Commons.

True pop eccentrics are either born that way and find an outlet in music, or are “turned crazy” by the destructive nature of the music business itself.