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An Eternal Dance

This party favorite has been passed down for generations and is best enjoyed with generous helpings of resentment and self-doubt. Try to be helpful and Miss the mark now, someone is put out. [Cue Trauma Response] [Players swap teams and repeat]

Landry, self portrait

I Am Doing My Best

What I did during The Pandemic.

Oh, It’s You Again

Test excerpt. Move zig.

Data Analysis Interview

An interview with Clark Buckner about my experience at the Nashville Software School.

Data Analysis

This is a video of my Capstone Project for the Data Analysis Bootcamp at Nashville Software School. It takes a brief look at the distribution of healthcare providers in the city and some of Nashville’s chronic health challenges.

How to be Hopeful #13

This week I had the absolute pleasure of speaking with the artist, musician, and poet Landry Butler from Nashville, one of the hubs of community and creativity in the beautiful American south.

We spoke about many things including how art and creativity can help hope to grow, the importance of people singing together, and how despite growing in America, hope is growing too,

“we have to push back with our own hope, the belief that we like to work together and build each other up, we can do that … still have the hope that we can do something positive”

Hell Part Two

Inglewood Social Club • Hell Part Two • Experimental • Music video • Found footage film


A new single from Inglewood Social Club

Pandora Radio Stations

My favorite Pandora stations, listed here for convenience. You must be logged into Pandora to access these links.

This Suit (It Doesn’t Fit)

This suit Doesn’t fitToo tightDoesn’t fitWrong sizeDoesn’t fitThis suit wasn’t made for me Got measured for a new suitAt the fancy suit placeI’m not sure they understoodA man my size needs some roomI can’t wear this thing This suit was made for someone elseThis suit was made for someone elseThis suit … it wasn’t made…
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