Why Pop Needs its Eccentric Characters

This article was originally published at Aeon and has been republished under Creative Commons.

True pop eccentrics are either born that way and find an outlet in music, or are “turned crazy” by the destructive nature of the music business itself.

The World is a Cold Place

This song was recorded at Amy Road one evening when we were feeling inspired, but didn’t want to set up any recording equipment. We each used our phones to capture the respective parts of the song. The tracks were synced and mixed at Amy Road by John Smith and mastered by John Weatherly at FeverTone…
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This is the Inglewood Social Club’s video for Guacamole. Guacamole I got a beer in my handI’m gonna drink it just as soon as I canI got a beer in my other handI’m gonna drink it when I finish the first can I got a cigar in my cigarI got a cigar in my cigarI…
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Please Help Billy Evans

My name is Billy Evans. I AM A very sick little boy.

My mother is typing this for me, because I can’t. She Is crying. The reason she is so sad is because I’m so Sick. I was Born without A body. It doesn’t hurt, Except when I try to breathe.