Hell Part Two

Inglewood Social Club • Hell Part TwoExperimental • Music video • Found footage film Written and recorded by Landry ButlerMastered by John Smith at Amy RoadEdited by Laura Chenault This song was originally recorded and released as Hell is a Place on Earth, part 2 in the early 90s. At the time, I was reading…
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Coffee by Inglewood Social Club

Pandora Radio Stations

My favorite Pandora stations, listed here for convenience. You must be logged into Pandora to access these links. Funky 106: iFUNK Radio Soul 96: iRNB Radio The JTRANE: John Coltrane Radio WENO: Brian Eno Radio WHAT: Neil Down on Your Radio WPZE: Spa Radio

This Suit (It Doesn’t Fit)

This suit Doesn’t fitToo tightDoesn’t fitWrong sizeDoesn’t fitThis suit wasn’t made for me Got measured for a new suitAt the fancy suit placeI’m not sure they understoodA man my size needs some roomI can’t wear this thing This suit was made for someone elseThis suit was made for someone elseThis suit … it wasn’t made…
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Ain’t Nobody Comin’ to Save Us

I believe humanity is a virus on the earthI believe that we destroy the beauty and the worthI believe that one day the Earth will rise againAnd throw us out into the voidThe Earth will always win I believe humanity is a pox upon the planetConsume, destroy and raze it, taking everything for grantedI believe…
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Artificial Body Parts

Artificial, artificialArtificial body partsArtificial, artificialArtificial lungs and hearts I got an artificial body parts factoryDown the road off 65And if you need replacement body partsWe are there to keep you aliveSo next time you break your arm or fall and skin your kneeNext time your head explodes or you need new kidneys Artificial, artificialArtificial body…
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I was on the Internet the other dayAnd I fell down a deep, dark holeWith all sorts of things that I had no idea existedMens and womens and people of all typesDoing all sorts of things in front of camerasAnd broadcasting it to the whole effing worldFor freeF R E E!How in the hell does…
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It was a lazy weekend afternoonI was napping in my favorite chairWhen I sensed I was not aloneSomebody else was thereI opened my eyes and I findPeople smiling and waving at meThey said, “I think you know who we areWe’re the Elves in the Machine” Elves in the MachineElves in the MachineI can tell you’ve…
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For His Sanity

He works hard for his sanitySo hard for his sanityHe works hard to stay saneHe works hard to be free American Man goes to work He’s glad to have a jobHe wonders how much longer it will lastAmerican Man remembersIt wasn’t always this wayHe wonders longingly for the past The days when he would come…
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Killing the Host

Viral cancer parasiteWrench the darkness from the lightWe are human we are deathKill the Host and eat what’s left Endless growth of GDPNone for you and all for meI’ll sell you the air you breatheAnd when you die, I won’t grieve (We are) killing the Host, killing the Host, killing the HostKilling the Host, killing…
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