Private Number

Private Number

You rang my phone
A private number
You rang my phone

I didn’t answer
I never do
I’ll never answer
If I don’t know you

You rang again
Straight to voicemail
You rang again
No message left

I will not answer nor
Return your call
I don’t know you
Not at all

You can stand at the door and knock
That door will never open
I don’t need what you’re selling
I gave at the office
I know who I intend to vote for

You can ring my phone again
I will never answer
I’ve blocked your number
Reported your call
We will find you

We will find you and show up at your house
Phones ringing loud and clear
We will track you down and wake you up
At all hours of the night
Oh yes, we will get you

© 2018 Landry Butler. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

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