I get up in the morning
I like to have some coffee
Maybe two or three cups of coffee
I gotta get going, I got stuff to do
I gotta have coffee
How about you?

But I can quit anytime I want
I can slow down
I just like to have five or six cups of coffee a day and
It’s none of your business how much I like to drink it because
I don’t have a problem you see
I just like to, I just like my coffee
And if you don’t like coffee
You don’t have to drink it


Landry Butler: vocals
Sam Naff: guitars, background vocals
Brian Relleva: irrelevant revelations
John Smith: drums
John L. Weatherly: bass

Recorded/Mixed: Amy Road by John Smith
Mastered: FeverTone Audio by John L. Weatherly

© 2020 Inglewood Social Club.
Words by Landry Butler. Used by permission. Some rights reserved.