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Coffee by Inglewood Social Club

Pandora Radio Stations

My favorite Pandora stations, listed here for convenience. You must be logged into Pandora to access these links. Funky 106: iFUNK Radio Soul 96: iRNB Radio The JTRANE: John Coltrane Radio WENO: Brian Eno Radio WHAT: Neil Down on Your Radio WPZE: Spa Radio

This Suit (It Doesn’t Fit)

This suit Doesn’t fitToo tightDoesn’t fitWrong sizeDoesn’t fitThis suit wasn’t made for me Got measured for a new suitAt the fancy suit placeI’m not sure they understoodA man my size needs some roomI can’t wear this thing This suit was made for someone elseThis suit was made for someone elseThis suit … it wasn’t made…
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Staring Into Your Light

They said it would make me blindStaring into your lightMaybe they were rightI only have eyes for you They said it would make me crazyOrbiting with delightBaby they were rightI’ve lost my mind for you They’d never believe meBut I sense you are a mirrorAnd if that’s trueThen tell me, what am I? © 2017…
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Temporarily Disconnected

I was driving home the other nightIt was late but I wasn’t tired — boredThere was nothing on the radio As I turned off the main highway, my car stalledIt’s a Volvo with 300,000 miles on itThese things happen My phone rang. The voice said,“Please, don’t hang up. We know who you are.You’ve been down…
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An Ode to Wesley Willis

Wesley Willis was an artistWesley Willis wrote songsWesley Willis wrote songs about peopleThese songs about people had music to themWesley Willis performed these songs in publicHe sang and people liked it Rock over London, rock on Chicago Wesley Willis!Motherfuckers!!!Wesley Willis, Wesley Willis, Wesley WillisWes I whooped Batman’s ass! Wesley Willis performed these songs in publicHe…
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Robots by Inglewood Social Club Here is Sisyphus, pushing his rock up the hill, only to have it roll back down. He repeats the process for all eternity; but with time, he transcends this punishment by embracing the absurdity of his life. He refuses to be defeated. I’m so tiredSo tired of lifeI just need…
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The New Negroes

There’s a new Negro in townAnd she walks with her head held highThere’s a new Negro in townAnd he is not afraid Who are these new NegroesParagons of virtue and strengthLeading their people to the Promised LandOr finding it for themselves?The new Negroes There’s a new Negro in townAnd he lives in the momentThere’s a…
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The Waiting Game

If you believe in reincarnation, why wait till you’re dead? Inhabit the body of an animal now, a jack rabbit or a moose perhaps If you believe in heaven, why wait until you’re dead?Enter Valhalla by taking 1-10 North until you run out of road. If you believe that Earth is a spaceship, why sit…
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The World is a Cold Place

This song was recorded at Amy Road one evening when we were feeling inspired, but didn’t want to set up any recording equipment. We each used our phones to capture the respective parts of the song. The tracks were synced and mixed at Amy Road by John Smith and mastered by John Weatherly at FeverTone…
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