Big T-Shirts

Big T-Shirts

It is Wednesday night. I’m sitting on the couch, drinking a refreshing beverage, listening to Peter Gabriel & wearing a big T-shirt — size 3X.

Big T-shirts are a good thing. One of the unsung wonders of the world. A good big T-shirt can make you feel ten pounds lighter. A good big T-shirt can make you more confident and more attractive to whomever you wish to be attractive. A good big T-shirt can make you feel taller (or shorter). A good big T-shirt can raise your IQ by several points.

Ahhh, big T-shirts.

A good big T-shirt will hide all the things about yourself that you’d rather forget. The brighter the colour, the more the shirt will hide. And you never have to worry about your cat running around in your big T-shirt since cats prefer their clothes to be form fitting. Big T-shirts are easy to put on fast and they cover your butt so you don’t have to wear pants or even underwear if the shirt is big enough!

Big T-shirts are your friends.

© 1997 Landry Butler. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

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